About James Dowen

Since starting as a pupil at Cofton Primary School, James has always had an aspiration to work hard at everything he does. Whether it was a piece of homework, a sporting activity in PE, or drawing a poster. As James progressed through Cofton, he never missed a single piece of homework and he very rarely missed a school day - and those he did would've only been down to a serious illness.

After achieving straight level 5's in his SAT's exams, James then went on to attend Turves Green Boys School. From year 7, James continued to complete every piece of homework and work hard. By year 8, James was on the school council. He remained on the school council until he left the school in year 11. As year 8 approached, James spent his savings on a laptop. Instead of playing games and watching videos, James was curious as to how websites and computer systems were designed and developed. From that young age, he begun to learn to code and program computers and servers. He didn't publicize that he was learning to code as he didn't want to be labelled as a "nerd". As school life went by James was never bothered about been labelled as a "geek" or "nerd". In fact, he was quite proud of what he was doing. James would often launch new websites of his own, some often getting featured in the newspaper or on new websites/blog.

By year 10, James had web design and web development clients - people were paying him to create their websites. This motivated James to work even harder. On most school nights, James would come home, learn something new, complete client work, and of course fit homework and revision in.

In year 11, James was appointed as Head Boy of Turves Green Boys School, and he was also the head of the School Council. This allowed James to boost his confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. After completing his GCSE's, James went on to student Computer Studies, IT, Graphic Communications and Statistics at Cadbury College. Since starting Cadbury College, James' client base grew and James was finding himself much busier every day. While studying hard for college, James would often find himself tied up with client work. He wasn't too sure which one to prioritize as he knew that prioritizing one could put the other at risk. While a quarter of the way through his first year of college, James was hired by a large e-commerce (online shopping) website to work for them on his days off. At this point, James was often found turning down web development work as there wasn't enough time for him to balance his work life with college life. At this point, James was also approached by numerous other companies requesting him to work for them. James often attended interviews, but then declined jobs.

When his first year of college was nearly completed, James went to do some freelance work for a Sutton Coldfield based agency (while continuing to work on other freelance websites). Just before James was about to receive his AS Level results for his first year at college, James was offered a full time web development position at the agency. James accepted the offer and dropped out of college. It was a risk that James was willing to take, and he did so without much doubt. Although James was progressing well at college, he knew what he wanted to do in life and he wanted to gain valuable experience and pursue his career as soon as possible.

Since starting Cofton, James has worked well to get where he is in life today. He has always been inspired, ambitious, confident, and hard working.

James is currently a freelance web developer. The Cofton website is an example of some of James' work.

It's never too early to begin what you want to do in life.