Welcome to Cofton Primary School


School is now closed to pupils.

You should only send your child to school if your work is critical to the national COVID-19 response.

If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.

Cofton Primary School
Wootton Road
West Heath
B31 4ST


Telephone: 0121 475 3374

Fax: 0844 243 9339

Email: enquiry@cofton.bham.sch.uk


Head Teacher: Mrs D Dudt

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss P Poleon

Assistant Head Teacher: Mr T Bentley

SENDCo: Ms H Bray (to contact, ring 0121 475 3374 or email enquiry@cofton.bham.sch.uk)


Chair of Governors: Mr A Bridgen

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr D Green



Senior Office Manager: Mr J Shattock (contactable for general enquiries)

Office Administrator: Miss A O'Hanlon (contactable for general enquiries)

Office Administrator: Miss A Baillie (contactable for general enquiries)




Should you wish a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the Senior Office Manager, Mr. J Shattock.

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