Maths at Cofton

At Cofton, we use a Maths Mastery approach. Below are some examples of the Maths we do at Cofton, starting with a recent parent workshop. 
There are a range of resources you can use with your children to support their learning at home. 

Cofton's Calculation Policy

You can download Cofton's calculation policy here.

You can download the above workshop slides here


Times Tables

Common misunderstandings are that there are 144 tables that need to be learnt. This video helps dispel this myth:


After removing repetitions and simple table facts, there are only 38 table facts that need to be learnt. See if you can work them out below:

J2 blast is an excellent times tables quick fire app. There’s also a spelling blast game too!

Calculation and Problem Solving Resources

Here are some excellent calculation help videos from our wonderful colleagues at Bournville Village School.

Here are some wonderful problem solving activities from NRICH.

Khan Academy
Instructional videos on all areas of maths. Like having a teacher you can rewind!

BBC KS2 Bitesize Maths
Lots of videos and activities from BBC Bitesize.

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